speak life

This truth is challenging me today:

Love speaks to who they are becoming.
Bob Goff

During a hard season in our marriage several years ago, God challenged me to love and pray for my husband for the man he is becoming. To declare truth over his life and leadership and over our marriage.

I can honestly say that our marriage survived those hard times only because God changed my heart. He asked me to speak beauty and truth and to see beyond what was in front of me at that moment. 

Every time I ask, God helps me to see my husband and my children with his eyes and his heart. But I have to remember to ask. I have to choose that I want to live that way.

I choose to declare big, bold truths over each of their lives because I get to speak into who they are becoming even when I don't see the fruit yet.

What would happen if we spoke words like these over our own lives, over our husbands, and over our children: "You are loved, redeemed, called, free, salt and light, strong and courageous, the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, a display of God's beauty, you are a leader of leaders who is destined for impact." 

I think we would have changed marriages and homes.

Words kill, words give life. They're either poison or fruit - you choose. Proverbs eighteen twenty-one (msg)