salt + light

These words ...

Oh the beauty of the King. You make righteous those who seek.  
You have written and redeemed my story.  
Let my heart overflow with passion for Your name.  
Let my life be a song, revealing who you are. 
You are salt and light. You are love's great height. You are deep and wide.

Lauren Daigle

And these ...

"You are the salt of the earth ... you are the light of the world."  Beautiful words from the book of Matthew.

I am a little obsessed with beautiful words. One of my treasures is a few pages of handwritten quotes that my grandmother loved. I am constantly reminded that our words hold power. Something that I need to be reminded of as a mother almost daily. Our words hold the power of life and death. They can destroy or they can build up. That's both humbling and amazing. I love the images that come to my mind when reading those words in Matthew. We are to be salt with not only our words but with our lives. Salt has the ability to transform and to change. And beautiful words do that. They bring healing and freedom. They bring life. I want my words to season those around me for good. I want to speak truth and hope. I want my life to season those around me too. To build up my husband and my children. Let's speak truth. Let's proclaim Jesus and help bring freedom to the captives, and give hope to the hopeless. Because we only get this one short life to change our little corners of the world.

We are all broken. That's how the light gets in. 
Ernest Hemingway

And then there is light.  I might be even more obsessed with beautiful light than with beautiful words. That quote above, talking about how light seeps in through cracks. It makes me think of a cracked and broken jar of clay. Not something that I would desire or could probably even use. Because cracks usually mean that something is broken and worthless. Kind of like me. I am sinful and broken. But ... Jesus. His love is deep and wide. He redeems and restores. He uses my brokenness for good. To make an impact in this world. I want to shine light brightly for His glory in this life. I know that I have no ability to be the light of the world in my own strength, but when the light of his love fills me, He can use my cracked and broken pieces and make them into something beautiful. He floods my soul with his light. And then he can shine through me into darkness. To light the world.