rivers in the dry wasteland

Ruby Ranch Nicaragua.

It's what our hearts have burned for the last few months. It's where I can already see the promise of "rivers in the dry wasteland" being fulfilled. It's a place that God is moving mountains for as we speak. It's a place where hope is poured out. A place where beauty and brokenness meet and lives are changed.

There is a little chapel on the top of the hill at the ranch. As we sat on the wood benches there last April, I knew that our lives would never be the same.

I am overwhelmed and humbled by the beautiful way that God works. How he lights a little spark in our hearts and as we step out, as we risk the ocean and say yes, he fans that little spark into a raging wildfire for His glory. He covers us with his feathers when the fear is creeping in. He pours his peace into our hearts and whispers for us to trust him. As we do, he overwhelms us with how he can move mountains. 

We are praying bold prayers for Ruby Ranch Nicaragua. For this place that has captured our hearts so completely.

For cold, beautiful, flowing rivers in the dry wastelands of hearts and souls that need hope and love so desperately. Let it be, Lord.