light + shadow

During the recent total solar eclipse, our home state of Oregon was flooded with a million visitors all hoping to see the eclipse in totality. We weren’t in the path of totality here in Nicaragua, but we did see a small corner of the sun being covered. As a photographer, of course I looked through every beautiful image of the eclipse that I could find posted on social media. There were incredible images captured at some of our favorite places around Oregon. But the ones that made me take a second look? Surprisingly they were pictures of the shadows that the sun’s light cast onto the ground as it was being shaded by the moon.

And it made me think …

To see light the most beautifully, you have to learn to love the shadows.

We have to choose to look for the light when all we see are shadows. I love how the light that is found in darkness is the most dramatic, and often times the most beautiful.

And isn't that just how it is in our lives? I am learning that it is through pain and hardship that Jesus becomes enough. I’m learning to look for his beautiful light in the shadowed places.

If we choose to focus on only the One who spoke light into darkness, to live for only his renown, then that same powerful, beautiful light will pour into those painful, dark places of our souls. He will light up every shadow and create something of beauty.