thicker ink

“Sometimes God uses thicker ink to speak a little more loudly.” I read these words a few years back and they resonated with me. When God starts to speak something new to me it starts as a little whisper. A single word. Then maybe a few soft words that seem to be written in pencil. Pretty soon the whisper gets louder. Changing from pencil to ink. And soon the ink gets thicker. It becomes a restless stirring in my soul that I can’t escape.

This restlessness is stirring up in me again. It goes along with words that God spoke to my soul at the end of last year: RISE UP. These words aren’t just a “catchy” phrase. They’re an invitation. A challenge. They’re prophetic. They’re a declaration.

The Holy Spirit has asked me pointed questions with these words. Challenged my soul in ways that I’ve never been challenged before.

He’s asked me if I will RISE ABOVE and love how Jesus loves – when it’s painful and costly and undeserved. If I will RISE UP, trust what he has promised and see with eyes of faith – when the seed has just been planted and the harvest hasn’t even sprouted a single tiny shoot yet. Will I see what isn’t there? Will I see what God sees? Will I push past opposition and RISE UP speaking words of truth? Because we can expect opposition when we RISE UP to shine our light. Will I worship in the dark?

Isn’t that so like our amazing God? How he can powerfully use two little words sparked with his Spirit to bring us closer to himself? Because that’s always his plan. To bring us back to himself.

I am grateful for how he speaks. For the living water that he generously pours out and how it saturates the barren places of my soul.

It’s all I can do to stand sometimes when he is speaking this loudly. I find myself needing to be bowed low in humility. How desperately I need him to create a new, fresh and flourishing heart inside of me. One that loves more like he loves, and sees more of what he sees. It’s with tears streaking down my face, and with hands lifted in surrender, that I choose to RISE UP and declare: “Lord, I only want you. More of you and less of me.  Your name and renown are the desire of my soul.”

I see the ink getting thicker again.