I'm just a girl who loves life with my husband and our four children. I'm the happiest chasing beautiful light and adventuring outdoors in the vast beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I want to live a life that is courageously loving, dreaming and creating. A life full of beauty and warmth, joy and adventure. 

As much as I love living on the beautiful Oregon coast, my family of six is moving a little further south to Nicaragua in Central America. We fell in love with Nicaragua during a recent family trip there. It's beautiful how God has a way of stirring our hearts and springing up new things inside of us when we least expect it. How he uses connections and gifts and dreams and weaves them all together for his purposes. We are both humbled and excited to be a small part of the beautiful things that God is already doing in Nicaragua. We'll be working alongside Open Hearts Ministries in Managua to help build Ruby Ranch - an adventure camp for kids who live in extreme poverty. The vision for the ranch is absolutely beautiful and is something that has captured our hearts completely. We would love to share more with you at THE RUBY RANCH PROJECT.

"I am the Lord. I have called you ... I will take you by the hand and keep you;  I will give you as a light for the nations."  Isaiah 42:6-7